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  • Jeffrey Keen

6 Features You’ve Got To Have In Your Backyard.

  1. Stamped and Stained Concrete Patio. The right shape and size patio will transform your yard into the entertainment space you’ve always wanted. Plenty of room for seating means your guests will be comfortable and will visit more often. The right design keeps the compliments coming.

  2. Cedar Pergola. It’s hot here in Corpus Christi, and it’s a backyard must to have shade. A pergola will be the perfect covering to keep cool when the sun is out. They are also very attractive and add a lot of style and function to your outdoor space. Add lighting to enhance your experience at night.

  3. Fire-Pit. There is nothing better than telling stories, and catching up around a nice fire. Fires can be a fun way to bring old, and new friends together.

  4. Outdoor Kitchen. Whether you are cooking for the family, or a group of friends nothing beats an outdoor cooking area. From top of the line gas grills, to spacious concrete countertops. Cooking outdoors can be not only tasty but a relaxing experience.

  5. Outdoor Furniture. Your guests will not only come back more often to visit they will also feel cozy when there is plenty of comfortable seating.

  6. Water-Feature. The sound of running water will sooth you when you need to relax. The right water feature will add to the aesthetics of your yard making it your outdoor oasis!

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen Area

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