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Concrete Overlay VS. Tear-Out and Re-Pour new Concrete.

The world of Concrete Overlays they come a long way in the past few years. Overlays will now last and look good for many years to come. Overlays can be stamped and stained just like new concrete. Overlays can also have a broomed finish to restore old cracked and pitted concrete. Depending on what your looking for a thin concrete overlay might be the choice for you instead of breaking and hauling off all your old concrete. Assuming the overlay is put down correctly it will be a cost saver over replacing old cracked concrete. Overlays can also be used inside homes and businesses for flooring, the excellent bond and resilience of overlay Which allow for a very beautiful long lasting floor. When stained and sealed correctly they hold up to a lot of traffic. Overlay can also be scored to create a tile look or border. Contact Keen Decorative Concrete today to discuss our overlay options.

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