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  • Jeffrey Keen

5 Ways to Make Your Backyard an Oasis...

If you enjoy spending time in your back yard then you'll enjoy these tips on making it your Oasis...

1. Make sure that you have atmosphere, decorate your backyard with things you like and landscape your backyard with beautiful plants and trees.

2. Water-features will add a lot of atmosphere. From small water-features to large water-falls these will bring character and the soothing sounds to your backyard Oasis.

3. Comfy furniture is one of the most important things in enjoying your backyard experience. If you don't have a relaxing place to sit then I know it can be hard to enjoy your backyard space.

4. I know first hand how people love to sit next to a cozy fire. Think about adding a nice fire-pit or fire-place to your yard making it the focal point of the space.

5. Shade is important, A pergola is a great choice for shade when trees are not an option.

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